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Sonic The Hedgehog PART 2 (2022)

Back in the Wachowski house, Sonic is watching TV with Ozzie when a blackout suddenly hits. Although thrilled at first, Sonic notices something is wrong when the TV turns on by itself and the lights start to flicker. As he nervously heads for the front door to investigate, the doorknob gets cut off, leaving the door to open and reveal Robotnik. Sonic is initially shocked by this development, but steels himself and tells Robotnik that while he is not sure how he returned, he still made a mistake coming here. Robotnik, however, retorts back and threatens to have his revenge on him and the Wachowskis. Enraged by these declarations, Sonic jumps at Robotnik, intent on hitting him with a chaos energy-charged punch, only for the doctor to playfully step aside and reveal Knuckles, who punches Sonic through a wall and the TV. As Robotnik introduces Knuckles, Sonic picks up his pouch and tries charging at Knuckles, only to get punched through another wall and into the backyard by the echidna, who demands to know where "it" is. Taking it as a challenge, Sonic charges at Knuckles again with a spin attack, only for Knuckles-- who has deemed the hedgehog an inexperienced and "unworthy" foe-- to stop it with one hand and knock Sonic down. As he pins Sonic against a tree, Knuckles proclaims his intended destiny to restore the "ultimate power" to the home of his people. While Sonic insists that he has no idea of what he is talking about, Robotnik, who has been watching the fight from the sidelines, takes an interest in Knuckles' mention of "ultimate power." After labeling Sonic an "apprentice of Longclaw", Knuckles proceeds to elaborate that her people and his people, the echidnas, were sworn enemies, and that he will now kill Sonic for being an associate of the opposing side. Suddenly, though, Tails appears in Wade's police cruiser, with the emergency lights blazing, which he rams Knuckles with. With Tails saying he is on his side and Knuckles recovering, Sonic jumps into Tails' car, which Tails uses his gadgets to drive. After shaking off Robotnik when he jumps onto the hood, the two drive away, with Knuckles hot on their heels. After an amazed Tails has introduced himself, Sonic demands an explanation for everything. Tails proceeds to tell him about Knuckles, the last of the echidnas, who is the most dangerous warrior in the galaxy and obsessed with finding the Master Emerald. Sonic dismisses the Emerald as a bedtime story, but Tails tells him that Knuckles believes otherwise and that Sonic is the key to its discovery. As Sonic takes the wheel, Knuckles quickly catches up to them and begins tearing the car apart. Tails, however, has them drive over a cliff. To Sonic's surprise, Tails is able to haul them to safety by using his twin-tails as helicopter blades. Meanwhile, Knuckles manages to get off the car and latch onto the cliff, leaving the car to explode when it hits the ground below.

Sonic the Hedgehog PART 2 (2022)

Tails, Knuckles, and Robotnik believe Sonic and the Wachowskis to be dead, but the Giant Eggman Robot suddenly jerks up, concerning Robotnik after he had briefly celebrated his long-awaited victory. Sonic, now transformed into the golden Super Sonic, is lifting it with incredible power while the others-- including the Wachowskis, who are still alive and well thanks to his intervention-- watch in awe. After blasting through the Giant Eggman Robot's foot, Super Sonic cuts its head off and coldly tells Robotnik that his plot is over with a furious glare. Robotnik tries talking Super Sonic into a truce, but it is just a distraction as he uses his control glove to have the Giant Eggman Robot take punches at him. Super Sonic, however, effortlessly stops and blows the robot's arms to pieces before piercing it several times at super speed and toppling it over with a tap of his foot, leaving Robotnik to fall with his collapsing robot. As Super Sonic comes back down, the Wachowskis run towards him to congratulate him. Knuckles stops them, however, insisting that Sonic has been corrupted by the power of the Chaos Emeralds and is no longer the hedgehog they knew. Super Sonic proceeds to summon a thunderstorm that focuses into his hand. However, it is then revealed that Sonic was only creating a celebratory chili dog for himself before summoning another one for Knuckles that lands and splatters on his face, causing him to bluntly remark that Sonic is still himself. Super Sonic subsequently relinquishes the Chaos Emeralds-- which disappear to parts unknown-- and reverts back to normal. After Sonic gets hugs from Tom and Maddie, Tails asks why he gave up all that power, to which Sonic explains that he "still has some growing up to do" and that he is fine just being a kid for now. Meanwhile, Knuckles takes the pieces of the Master Emerald and reassembles it. However, now that they finally have the Master Emerald, Knuckles questions what they will do next. As Tails reminds them that both the echidnas and owls wanted to protect the Master Emerald from the forces of evil, Sonic suggests that they start a new order to guard the Master Emerald, starting with the three of them. Knuckles insists that their task is not to be taken lightly, and they must take a vow upon their new tribe's duty, so Tails suggests a power-bump together to mark their oath, which they do.

The part of the movie that focuses on the human characters, while a little awkward, is still really fun to sit through. I think Sonic The Hedgehog 2 is a fun watch for both long-time fans of the hedgehog and casual viewers and will leave you wanting more of the blue blur and his friends.

Sonic the Hedgehog is the titular main protagonist of the Paramount film series of the same name. He is an anthropomorphic hedgehog born on an alien planet called Mobius with the rare power to harness chaos energy giving him supersonic speed. He was forced to leave his home world from evil forces and build a life for himself on Earth, eventually becoming the planet's protector and guardian. He is the film's adaptation of Sonic the Hedgehog from the video game franchise. 041b061a72

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