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M3Unify is a flexible file exporter and M3U playlist creator that will allow you to sensibly off-load copies of your songs to a user-chosen location—separate folder, external drive, USB thumb drive, SD card and so on—the way you and your portable or car audio player want.

Download GOLDEN LIST m3u

M3Unify can archive playlists and audio files to a folder, volume or portable media and includes options to create Artist/Album sub-folders, rename files, convert to lossy formats, export album artwork, and more.

Imagine I have an m3u playlist of URLs (from the Internet) for mp3 files of a public domain LibriVox audiobook that I'm listening to (not all in one sitting), and I'm playing that playlist from the command-line with this:

Currently, if I have an Internet connection, it plays just fine. However, if the connection drops, it skips all the files until the end of the playlist and stops, therefore making me lose my place in the audiobook that I'm listening to. What I want it to do instead is pause, or stop, instead of proceeding to the next track, while remembering where I was before my connection was lost. How do I accomplish this, short of downloading the mp3 files in advance (imagine my device has limited memory, and I don't want to use it up with these mp3 files, if I can help it)? 041b061a72

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