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The Top 7 Startups From Y Combinator S16 Demo Day 1

Y Combinator operates additional programs and a fund designed to support and invest in startups which have already graduated from the main accelerator program. The Series A Program, YC Post-A Program, YC Growth Program, and YC Continuity fund are operated by the same team and focus on helping fast growing YC startups, and startups raising their Series B funding of $20 million to $100 million.[33][34]

The top 7 startups from Y Combinator S16 Demo Day 1

The growing batch size is particularly helpful for any B2B companies in the batch. For B2B companies the larger batch sizes mean that there are a greater number of companies to sell into. Which can be hugely valuable ahead of demo day and beyond. It was very valuable for our business as we launched mid-batch in July and we were able to onboard our first customers from our batch shortly thereafter.

During Y Combinator we measure growth rate per week, partly because there is so little time before Demo Day, and partly because startups early on need frequent feedback from their users to tweak what they're doing.A good growth rate during YC is 5-7% a week.If you can hit 10% a week you're doing exceptionally well. If you can only manage 1%, it's a sign you haven't yet figured out what you're doing.

Flash Pitch is a monthly startup pitch competition held in New York. Six startups will be given two minutes to pitch their products or services to potential investors. After their pitch, they are given three minutes for Q&A, and another three minutes to receive feedback from investors.

A total of 75 startups will initially be selected to compete with each other from the following industries: Data & AI, Energy Transition, Environment, Food & Agriculture, Wellbeing, Healthcare, Industry 4.0, New Materials, Mobility, and Aerospace.

The 66 startups chosen from the pool of applicants the conference receives each year will get the change to pitch their startup in front of representatives from over 5,600 companies from 120+ countries.

StartCon is the largest startup pitch competition in Australia. Open to high-growth startups based in Australia, each of the startups that make it through their stringent screening process will be given just two minutes to pitch their business plan and product or service to an audience that includes some of the most influential investors in the country. Among these include representatives from Right Click Capital, Airtree Venture Capital, and Blackbird Enterprises.

Seedstars World hosts several local and regional startup pitch competition each year. The biggest is the SeedStars Summit. Here, over 75 startups from around the world that focus on fintech, edtech, digital health, agritech, Internet of Things (IoT), hardware, social networking and clean tech compete with each other for the chance to win $1 million equity funding.

The South Summit is the largest startup pitch competition held in the Southern region of the US. Each year, this event gathers together startup founders, investors, and innovation leaders from around the world. It culminates with the Startup Competition where 100 of the most promising startups compete with each other for the $1 million funding grand prize.

Launched in March 2005, the Silicon Valley-based accelerator has invested in 72 African startups including: Flutterwave, Wave, Cowrywise, Hellicarrier, and Paystack. YC runs two three-month funding cycles every year, one from January through March and another from June to August.

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