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Lucha Underground - Season 4 !FREE!

The fourth season of Lucha Underground, a lucha libre or professional wrestling television show, began on June 13, 2018. The third season, just like the past 3 seasons was broadcast on the El Rey Network in the United States. The producers of Lucha Underground announced on November 10, 2017, that Lucha Underground was renewed for a fourth season set to premiere in 2018. In February 2018, two of the show's producers, Eric van Wagenen and Chris DeJoseph, announced that the Temple would move from its former location in Boyle Heights to Union Central Cold Storage in Downtown Los Angeles. In early 2018, Lucha Underground entered into a working relationship with Impact Wrestling. On April 6, 2018, Lucha Underground held a collaborative event with Impact Wrestling that streamed lived on Twitch.[1] During the co-promoted event with Impact Wrestling, a commercial aired announcing that the fourth season would begin airing on June 13, 2018.[2]

Lucha Underground - Season 4


The Lucha Underground show is a lucha libre serial drama television series that combines traditional professional wrestling matches with fictional storylines and effects. Season four followed follow up on the events of season three, especially storylines left unresolved at the end of Ultima Lucha Tres. Although it was not conceived as such, it ultimately turned out to be the final season, as Lucha Underground was later discontinued.[3]

Johnny Mundo and the Worldwide Underground plot revenge; Jack Evans issues a Put Up or Shut Up Challenge; a new challenger comes for the Lucha underground Champion; Fenix takes on Jermiah Crane and Mil Muertes in a 3 Way to the Grave Match.

From Season 3, there are truly only two people officially gone from the promotion that are confirmed. One is the first ever Lucha Underground Champion Prince Puma, better known to the indie wrestling world as Ricochet. Ricochet has confirmed in multiple interviews that he opted out of his contract following the conclusion of Season 3 and is no waiting out his 90 day no-compete clause that kicked in following the finale of the last season. He should be ready to head to his next home by January of 2018. Following seeming farewell appearances with NJPW and Dragon Gate in the last few weeks, it would definitely appear that his WWE bound rumours are inching closer to reality.

Ultima Lucha Tres aired in October 2017, but it had been filmed 16 months earlier in June 2016. "Lucha Underground" took an unexpected four-and-a-half-month midseason break during the broadcast run of Season 3 -- a decision El Rey Network President Daniel Tibbets said was "a normal programming cadence." But even with the hiatus, the end of Season 3 came and went without El Rey announcing future seasons, which had fans wondering if Ultima Lucha Tres was the series finale of "Lucha Underground."

They had to sweat it out, but El Rey finally answered that question when they announced plans for "Lucha Underground's" fourth season in November. The first of Season 4's new episodes -- there will be 22 in all -- will air on June 13.

In addition to the rigorous filming schedule, DeJoseph and his staff had to adjust to shooting in a new location. "Lucha Underground's" setting for the first three seasons, "The Temple," became as key a part of the show as any of the characters. Season 4 moves the action to an old icehouse in downtown Los Angeles across the river from the Boyle Heights warehouse that housed "The Temple".

"Lucha Underground" will also have to deal with the departure of one of the biggest names in lucha libre history, as Rey Mysterio will not appear in Season 4 after being an integral part of the past two seasons. Mysterio was left off the Ultima Lucha Tres card after main-eventing the finale a year before -- a decision he said was "a mix-up of dates." DeJoseph, who has known Mysterio for over a decade since his time as a writer for WWE from 2004 to 2010, knows the lucha libre legend is leaving behind a void no one can fill.

"Pentagon over the past three seasons has become the centerpiece of 'Lucha Underground.' He is probably the most important character on the show," DeJoseph said. "This season will highlight that and show his battles now that he has the Lucha Underground championship and he has [the] big target on his back now instead of Prince Puma. There's a lot on his shoulders, but I think he'll be able to carry the load with 'cero miedo.'

The loss of key figures, fewer episodes, a more compact schedule and a new venue didn't change the writing process for DeJoseph -- "Plan the end, and work backwards." It's a formula that has worked for DeJoseph since the first season of "Lucha Underground," and he expects Season 4 to be no different.

"We kick off in a really, really big way right off the bat. It will build to a huge and absolutely mind-blowing culmination at the end of the season," DeJoseph said. "There's a lot of twists, turns -- things you'd never see coming. There are so many new tidbits of information and stories that are developing that have been building since Season 1. I think that makes it one of my favorite seasons. This is a special season."

While it was sad to see Lucha Underground fizzle, fans should feel blessed that they got four seasons of the most ambitious and wild pro wrestling show to ever grace TV screens. Combining exciting in-ring content with cinematic backstage segments, Lucha Underground not only introduced a new way to present pro wrestling, but also made stars in the Anglophone wrestling world out of Mexican talent like Pentagon Jr. and Rey Fenix.

Chavo Guerrero Jr. was a bigger deal in the earlier seasons of Lucha Underground, but was booted from The Temple after his defeat in a Loser Leaves Lucha match against Rey Mysterio Jr. But Chavo made a surprise return in Ultima Lucha Quatro to save Shaul Guerrero from an attack, suggesting that he might make a return to The Temple.

Ever since Lucha Underground returned from its long hiatus, it has been moving at a breakneck pace. We're eight episodes into the season at this point, and the frenetic storytelling makes current WWE look like the dying days of AWA.

You might think that a show like this would lose the ability to surprise you over time. After all, Lucha Underground has already featured magic gauntlets, time-traveling luchadors, undercover cops working for an ageless woman, and casket matches where people actually die and are never seen again.

'Lucha Underground' Director Picks His Favorite Shots From the Series (Photos)"Lucha Underground" has become a cult hit with wrestling fans, thanks in large part to the elaborate backstage segments that have given the show an otherworldly mythology that has gotten bigger with each season. Skip Chaisson, director of those cutscenes, takes TheWrap behind the scenes with notes on his favorite shots from the El Rey series and what inspired them.

Episode 404: Matanza's Lair: "'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre' immediately came to mind when we picked the new set for season 4. This great shot is thanks to our lighting director Dave Navarro."

"Lucha Underground" has become a cult hit with wrestling fans, thanks in large part to the elaborate backstage segments that have given the show an otherworldly mythology that has gotten bigger with each season. Skip Chaisson, director of those cutscenes, takes TheWrap behind the scenes with notes on his favorite shots from the El Rey series and what inspired them.

You can only imagine how excited I was to see the start date for season 4 to finally roll by considering how unlikely it seemed that there would ever even be a season 4. Here we are two episodes in and I have some thoughts to share:

This rivalry has been bubbling away for a few weeks, with obvious tensions even before these two lost their Trios Championship belts that they held along with The Mack. There have been many references made to the masks that both these luchadors wear and the honour and respect they are both fighting for.

Season four has so far produced several standouts matches sure to keep fans talking for a long time but one of the biggest standouts has by far been the Three Way to the Grave match between Mil Muertes, Jeremiah Crane, and Fenix. With the first Grave Consequences matches going down as one of the best Lucha Underground matches of all time the pressure was on a second time around, but these three talents did not disappoint. Delivering an action-packed, entertaining, intense, and all-around excellent pro wrestling matches, Crane, Fenix, and Muertes raised the bar extremely high. Also going down as an all-time great for the company, this match set the tone for the rest of the season and the results that took place shook things up massively for the weeks that followed.

Things really have been shaking up and changing this season in the temple in terms of alliances. Catrina and Mil Muertes have shown signs of issues within their relationship, Ricky Mundo has developed an interesting and intense relationship with a creepy doll, and tensions have risen to extreme points between the now former Trios Champions. The Shakeup here has been needed. While these alliances all make sense and work extremely well these fresh new storylines have made things even more interesting and changed the dynamics in a way that was most certainly appropriate and needed. 041b061a72

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