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Where To Buy Safety Equipment

A productive workplace starts with proper training and the right safety equipment and gear from The Home Depot. No matter what type of work you do, we help you do it safely. From safety glasses to hearing protection and disposable protective clothing - we have you covered from head to toe with all the safety supplies you need to get the job done.

where to buy safety equipment

Personal protective equipment or PPE includes all the equipment you use or wear to protect yourself from harm. Different jobs have different health and safety risks associated with them. This can include risks of slips and falls, cuts and abrasions, chemical and infectious disease hazards, heat dangers, electrical hazards, respiratory hazards and more. While back supports and knee pads can prevent some of the on-the-job pains and strains, dust masks and respirators shield you from environmental hazards. Pick up complete PPE kits and protect yourself on the job with the right safety equipment.

Proper protective eyewear is a must on every safety equipment checklist. Avoid eye injuries with impact-resistant safety glasses. Also, pick up a pair of anti-fog safety goggles or scratch-resistant safety sunglasses designed to protect your eyes from dangerous UV rays, dust and debris. Choose safety glasses with side shields, for added protection.

Safeguard yourself and your clothes with disposable protective clothing Doctors can use disposable shoe covers in the operating room, while painters can extend the life of their clothing with disposable coveralls. Disposable masks protect you from breathing in dust and harmful irritants. And, stand out on the job site with high-visibility clothing and safety vests. We even have safety vests with pockets. Have a large team? Save more when you buy in bulk.

Keep employees safe and comfortable, while keeping the workplace secure and productive. Shop The Home Depot for safety equipment that stands up to tough conditions and workwear that works as hard as you do.

One way you can solve the problem of expensive safety equipment is to purchase used items that still have some life in them. By doing this, you can save thousands of dollars on your investment. Solid used equipment still can fulfill OSHA safety requirements and protects your employees from hazards.

Guardrails increase the level of safety in your workplace significantly and generally are safe when purchased secondhand. They help keep your workers safe from falls (one of the deadliest hazards in any workplace) and when installed on roofs, are one of the best ways to meet the requirements for roof safety set by OSHA.

You also might want to consider purchasing used personal protective equipment (PPE) for your employees. Many OSHA standards require employers to provide PPE for their employees. Buying pre-owned equipment in sound condition can help you control rising business costs.

Purchasing used bollards and safety columns make sense, as they are removable and made from solid materials. Buying used ones can help you to not only save money, but repurposing columns helps reduce your carbon footprint.

Many warehouses use bollards and safety columns to prevent damage from forklifts and other vehicles; sometimes a busy floor full of employees, vehicles and moving inventory is difficult to manage without some help.

Businesses of all shapes and sizes often struggle to keep up with the list of required safety equipment set forth by OSHA. For some, it may feel like the race to meet safety regulations is never-ending and impossible to win.

However, you can be OSHA-compliant, keep your employees safe and keep your work area hazard-free while staying within your budget. Purchasing some of your equipment used is one way to help meet many of your safety objectives while sticking to a budget.

DiVal is a premier distributor of safety equipment, industrial tools, contractor supplies, and maintenance, repair and operating (MRO) products. In addition to the wide range of products we carry - we test, service, and repair many of the products we supply. We also provide safety training on topics related to a variety of personal protective equipment.

When it comes to buying your safety gear, you need products as tough as your workers. SSU is a safety supply store that chooses the right stuff that is jobsite tested to work as hard as your workers. When you need to speak to someone, you will find a dedicated, friendly rep on the other end of the phone.

Smoke Detectors: To keep your home safe from dangers like fires, fire safety equipment is essential. Smoke detectors are an important addition to your home, and the best practice is to place them in each room of your house. Also consider having fire extinguishers for fire defense in the kitchen and adding carbon monoxide detectors for added safety.

Other Body Protection: Your projects may extend into the evening and night, and to ensure you stay visible, a reflective vest should be part of your workwear. Opt for a safety vest with pockets so you can keep things like pens, your phone and more, handy. For jobs like installing flooring, knee pads help ease aches and pains.

Safety glasses are used to protect eyes from irritants like wood particles, dirt, harmful fumes, excess UV-light exposure and more. To avoid eye damage, including blindness, always wear safety glasses for jobs like construction, welding, carpentry and yardwork.

Carbon monoxide detectors should be placed on each level of your home, near every bedroom or sleeping area as well as near attached garages and basements. They should be placed five feet from the ground, where they receive the best reading of the air inside your home.

Personal protective equipment or PPE kit is a set of equipment worn to minimize exposure to workplace hazards. Now the type of equipment you use will depend on the working conditions of your workplace, but PPE, in general, is designed to safeguard workers from hazards resulting from chemicals, radiological products, heavy machinery, electrical faults, and such.

Through its elaborate portfolio of products, Premier Safety ensures you or your workers are never without proper protective equipment. Our vast range of PPE gear allows you to browse your desired products by all major brands in the world. We have everything from gloves, safety glasses, earplugs, muffs, hard hats to respirators, coveralls, and vests.

Premier Safety, one of the best PPE suppliers in North America, is here to ensure your workers are equipped with all the necessary equipment they need to protect themselves from potential workplace harm.

Employers worldwide recognize the importance of getting quality PPE kits not only because it keeps their workers safe but also because it keeps them out of legal matters concerning the standard safety requirements. Premier Safety facilitates their decision of keeping their employees and workers safe by providing them with quality and safe PPE gear.

Once you have a list of your PPE requirements, the next step is to ensure your workers know how to wear and care for the PPE gear. You can check for general instructions and adequately size and train your employees. PPE suppliers like us ensure you get the equipment you need in time and as per your requirements.

Post-training, it is essential to verify your employees adhere to proper procedures and follow the instructions carefully. The verification process can be conducted in various ways, for instance, paper tests and physical tests wherein they are asked to wear the PPE.

Many Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards require employers to provide personal protective equipment, when it is necessary to protect employees from job-related injuries, illnesses, and fatalities. With few exceptions, OSHA requires employers to pay for personal protective equipment when it is used to comply with OSHA standards. These typically include: hard hats, gloves, goggles, safety shoes, safety glasses, welding helmets and goggles, face shields, chemical protective equipment and fall protection equipment.

The purpose of this memorandum is to clarify the guidance provided on September 8, 2017, to the Federal-aid division offices concerning the eligibility of construction and highway safety equipment acquisition costs as a participating direct charge to a single Federal-aid project when certain conditions are met. The italicized sections have been revised since the original memorandum.

The FHWA's policy for participation in costs associated with equipment acquisition is based on the Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles and Audit Requirement for Federal Awards in 2 CFR Part 200. States may request participation in such costs through: a) an approved indirect cost rate plan or b) on a project basis through an approved depreciation rate (amortized cost) analysis based on costs that are necessary, reasonable, and allocable to a specific Federal-aid project. Federal-aid funds will participate only in the portion of the amortized cost directly attributable to the time the equipment is used on a specific Federal-aid project.

The FHWA expects that States will continue to follow this general policy. However, the Division Administrator may approve the direct charge to an eligible Federal-aid program funding source for the up-front acquisition cost of equipment if a State's request for prior written consent [2 CFR 200.439(b)(1)] provides sufficient documentation supporting a Federal highway or transportation interest. This direct cost option provides additional flexibility to the States for costs that benefit the Federal-aid highway program.

As defined in 2 CFR 200.33, equipment means the tangible personal property (including information technology systems) having a useful life of more than 1 year and a per-unit acquisition cost that equals or exceeds the lesser of the capitalization level established by the non-Federal entity for financial statement purposes, or $5,000. Under these regulations, capital expenditures for equipment used in a Federal grant are generally unallowable as a direct charge to the Federal grant program except with the prior written approval of the Federal awarding agency. 041b061a72

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