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Hot And BotheredThe Good Doctor : Season 6 Epis... _VERIFIED_

"I feel my work is done, and I am ... ready to go. In fact, I am glad to go. ... My 'Century of Dishonor' and 'Ramona' are the only things I have done of which I am glad now. ... They will live and bear fruit ... Every word of the Indian history in 'Ramona' is literally true. ..." On morning in August, Mrs. Jackson's last poem lay on the bed beside her. Dr. Boericke glanced down at the penciled words, as though trying to read them. "It's for you," smiled Helen. "My last - for you." She flung the yellow sheet of paper toward the good doctor in a finished jest. The doctor picked it up and mused at the strange words:

Hot and BotheredThe Good Doctor : Season 6 Epis...


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