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Público·10 miembros - Scream Shout Ft. Britney Spears

Yahoo!'s Kathleen Perricone gave "Scream & Shout" a mixed review, and said it was "not exactly worthy of all the hype",[37] and Alicia Lutes of criticized its lyrical meaning and repetitive production.[38] Malene Arpe of Toronto Star wrote that it "is really terrible and rather than making you want to scream and shout, it sorta lulls you into a nice nap-like state of ceasing to care around the three-minute mark."[39] The Huffington Post journalist Kia Makarechi called the song a "competent piece of airy dance pop", and wrote that the only mildly inspiring moment on "Scream & Shout" is the sample from "Gimme More".[23] An editorial writer from Popjustice was negative towards "Scream & Shout" and Pitbull's song "Feel This Moment" (2012), stating that what the "two songs represent is pop music writhing around in its own shit."[40] Kurt Schlosser of also criticized the song's lyrical content, and wrote that it "plays like a forgotten sample from a Black Eyed Peas song, with Britney doing the Fergie talkie parts ... " and that it is's song.[41] - Scream Shout ft. Britney Spears


The accompanying pop video received a positive reception from fans, according to Softpedia blogger Elena Gorgan.[80] Following the premiere on The X Factor, thanked his fans for their overwhelmingly positive feedback, tweeting, "Wow!!! I feel so excited and full of energy right now!!! I want to #screamANDshout. Thank you all."[81] Bruna Nessif of E! Online said that the video "wasn't too crazy, but it definitely provided the futuristic vibe that is famous from,"[82] and Melinda Newman of HitFix praised Spears' hairstyle and make-up, and wrote, "the futuristic, minimalistic clip is a cheap-looking affair that displays no chemistry between [ and Spears]".[83] Katie Atkinson of MTV compared Spears' persona on the video to Brigitte Bardot and wrote, "if anyone doubted her enduring sex appeal, Spears proved she's still got it, in a midriff-baring bodycon dress ... and a corseted leotard accented with feathers in later scenes."[78] 4music critic Jenny Mensah said that Spears "sounds less Southern belle and more Swedish dominatrix in the video, as she takes on a deep, authoritative voice."[84] blogger Leanne Aguilera wrote that despite not dancing in the video, Spears "does look phenomenal. With her teased blonde locks, sexy (yet age-appropriate) pencil skirt and the highest of high heels, Ms. Spears looks sultry yet sophisticated."[85]

Todd (VO): The Britney Spears phenomenon only makes less sense the longer it continues. Britney, if you recall, [ET footage of Britney's meltdown] spent about four years screaming and shouting and let-it-all-outing, and because of that, she lost the legal rights to run her own life. And now in 2013, she clearly no longer cares. I can't think of two artists less suited to screaming and shouting. 041b061a72

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