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Buy Cisco Service Contract [PATCHED]

Used and secondary-market equipment is not covered under the Cisco standard warranty. Nor can you place it under a Cisco service and support contract unless it is relicensed by Cisco and has passed our inspection.

buy cisco service contract

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To take advantage of the Cisco Hardware Inspection and Software Relicensing Program, please contact your Cisco account manager or service account manager, or email the request to

The Cisco standard warranty and Cisco service and support contracts are not transferable. That means that any purchase of used or secondary-market Cisco equipment is not covered by the Cisco standard warranty and is not eligible for coverage by a Cisco support contract even if it is purchased through a Cisco channel partner or distributor.

Before used or secondary-market equipment can be placed under a new support contract, the requester must show proof of a valid software license and must have the equipment inspected to confirm that it is in proper working order and has been maintained appropriately. For more details visit the Non-Entitlement to Cisco Warranty and Service Support of Secondary Market Products Policy.

A: No. Standard service maintenance contracts are not transferable from user to user. Please contact your local legal counsel or contract manager if you have questions regarding any specially negotiated terms.

A: No. Use the global Compromised Equipment Return-to-Service (CERtS) process to determine under what circumstances (if any) the affected Cisco equipment may be re-entitled for Cisco maintenance and other Cisco services. Please initiate the CERtS process by emailing

Equipment purchased through Cisco partners, whether new or Cisco Certified Refurbished, entitles you to Cisco service support, upgrades, replacement guarantees, a valid software license, and a full warranty.

The new Cisco Enterprise Agreement brings the power of our platform suite under a single contract that can scale rapidly, providing you a premium purchasing experience that enables better agility and more value.

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Finally, Cisco partners can attach their own lifecycle value-add services to the EA, providing a vehicle with which to build and monetize their own services. By attaching their own value-add services, Cisco partners can further differentiate themselves and sell a more holistic solution.

Some Cisco Products, such as the Cisco Firepower 1000 series, need regular signature updates that contain the latest known attack patterns. Attaching your product to a Cisco SMARTnet contract is the only way to get those updates.

On the other hand, routers and switches that are EoL with IP services, non-software intensive products (e.g., optics, memory, line cards, chassis, and power supplies), and older products with no software updates from the OEM are generally a good fit for third party maintenance. For example, the Catalyst 3850, 3650, as well as the ISR 4K routers are all for the most part stable, so OEM support is not typically necessary.

For example, when you purchase Cisco BE6K, the initial cost includes a 1-year warranty on any phones, servers, and/or gateways you purchase as well as a 1-year contract for SmartNet Total Care for the Unified Communications Manager licenses, VMware licenses, IOS-XE, etc.

To extend support to software and hardware after the first year, Cisco requires you to re-enroll in its technical support services, SmartNet Total Care. After your initial warranty has expired for your hardware, you can also choose to extend coverage for your hardware, too.

A vulnerability in the Device Management Servlet application of Cisco BroadWorks Application Delivery Platform and Cisco BroadWorks Xtended Services Platform could allow an unauthenticated, remote attacker to cause a denial of service (DoS) condition on an affected device.

Cisco has released free software updates that address the vulnerability described in this advisory. Customers with service contracts that entitle them to regular software updates should obtain security fixes through their usual update channels.

In all cases, customers should ensure that the devices to be upgraded contain sufficient memory and confirm that current hardware and software configurations will continue to be supported properly by the new release. If the information is not clear, customers are advised to contact the Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) or their contracted maintenance providers.

Customers who purchase directly from Cisco but do not hold a Cisco service contract and customers who make purchases through third-party vendors but are unsuccessful in obtaining fixed software through their point of sale should obtain upgrades by contacting the Cisco TAC: -cisco-worldwide-contacts.html

Cisco SMARTnet Service is an award-winning technical support service that can give your IT staff direct, anytime access to Cisco experts and online self-help resources required to resolve issues with most Cisco products. With SMARTnet Service, you can choose from a broad range of service delivery options for Cisco products.

No, application support is not covered in SMARTnet. Cisco does offer software application support services separately that provide support for Cisco application software products such as security, IP telephony, and network management. There are currently four support offers available:

Warranties provide short-term limited liability for Cisco to repair and/or replace defects in Cisco products. They are limited in both the duration and the support they offer, and most warranties do not include Cisco TAC support, software updates, or any of the additional benefits obtained under a support service contract. It is the responsibility of Cisco to repair and/or replace the Cisco product within the time frame specified in the warranty card that accompanied the originally purchased Cisco product. Elements covered under a typical Cisco warranty are:

The Cisco SMARTnet Service provides more robust levels of support than are available under a Cisco warranty. For most products, Cisco warranties are limited in duration (detailed specifically by product type) compared to Cisco SMARTnet Service. Features available under a Cisco SMARTnet Service contract that are not covered under a warranty are:

Cisco Smart Call Home, a secure, smart service capability of Cisco SMARTnet Service, provides proactive, detailed diagnostics and real-time alerts on many products to help you identify and resolve issues quickly, conserving valuable staff time and improving network availability. With automated network device monitoring, Smart Call Home dynamically and securely gathers device information, sending an alert when a problem is detected. Using Cisco intellectual capital, Smart Call Home can enable early diagnosis and remediation of device-related issues through proactive, rules-based problem resolution. As a result, customers can dramatically streamline their device maintenance, accelerate problem resolution, and reduce their network operating expense. Call home-enabled devices can continuously monitor their own health and automatically notify you of potential issues using secure transmissions. If a serious problem arises, Smart Call Home automatically detects it and can generate a Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) service request to remediate the issue. Smart Call Home also provides you with access to a Smart Call Home web portal that contains personalized Call Home messages, recommendations, and more for all your Call Home devices.

Cisco SMARTnet onsite includes the same capabilities as Cisco SMARTnet, with the addition of an onsite technician for parts replacement and installation. It is available with all SMARTnet advance hardware replacement service levels.

According to the plea agreement, Lytle schemed to defraud Cisco Systems under the SMARTnet service contract program, wherein Cisco agreed to provide customers with technical support, including advance hardware replacement. Advance hardware replacement allowed customers to obtain replacement equipment from Cisco immediately, without having first to return the broken part.

According to the plea agreement, from January 2001 to August 2002, Lytle and others at Interlink Communications conspired to submit fraudulent SMARTnet service contract claims to Cisco to receive "replacement" computer networking parts to which they were not entitled. The defendants and others then sold these "replacement" parts to customers and deposited the payments from those customers in Interlink's bank account. Lytle and others disguised their fraudulent acquisition and sale of the "replacement" parts by altering their internal purchase, sale, and inventory accounting system to make it appear as if the "replacement" parts had been legitimately acquired.

The General Assembly defines which entities are eligible to participate, not Procurement Services. However, we may be able to assist you in determining whether your entity meets the applicable statutory definitions. Determining whether your entity is a county, municipality, or school district is usually straight forward. Determining whether your entity is a public service or special purpose district can be more complicated. If you do not know, you can submit a letter of request. The following attachments provide additional guidance and instructions.

So if they aren't compatible (as I'm just learing for now) , is there anything I can do with out a Cisco service contract? I can buy one of the AP's on the list for fairly cheap, but will that guaranty they are compatible?

Customers who purchase directly from Cisco but do not hold a Ciscoservice contract and customers who make purchases through third-partyvendors but are unsuccessful in obtaining fixed software through theirpoint of sale should obtain upgrades by contacting the Cisco TAC: -cisco-worldwide-contacts.html 041b061a72

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