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Divinyls Discography PATCHED

She contributed to no less than 13 separate movie soundtracks, and after a 10-year hiatus tried to reunite The Divinyls in 2006 only to announce she had cancer a year later. In 2010 she performed songs from The Divinyls discography and others accompanied by a 30-piece orchestra for the Australian Rock Symphony.

divinyls discography

Todd (VO): Not because of the subject matter, just 'cause of the style. We had this idea of what sexy was in media that year. You know, [brief clip of commercial for...] guys wore Bugle Boy jeans and cowboy hats. The music has this kind of desert twang to it, like what the Divinyls are rockin' here. I've listened to the entire Divinyls discography, and they never had a groove as tight as this. And I've given most of the attention...

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