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Download LÖVE 2D and Join the Friendly Community of Game Makers

How to Download and Use LÖVE, a Free 2D Game Engine

If you are looking for a simple, powerful, and fun way to make 2D games, you might want to check out LÖVE, a free and open-source game engine that uses the Lua programming language. In this article, we will show you how to download and use LÖVE, as well as some resources to help you learn and create your own games with it.

Features of LÖVE

LÖVE is an *awesome* framework that lets you make 2D games in Lua, a lightweight and easy-to-learn scripting language. Some of the features of LÖVE are:

download love2d

  • It is cross-platform, meaning it can run on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android, and iOS.

  • It is free and open-source, meaning you can use it for any purpose without limitations or fees.

  • It has a simple and flexible API, meaning you can access various modules for graphics, audio, physics, input, networking, and more.

  • It has a large and active community, meaning you can find many games, libraries, tools, tutorials, and support online.

Requirements for LÖVE

To use LÖVE, you will need:

  • A computer or a mobile device that meets the minimum hardware requirements. You can find them on the .

  • A text editor or an IDE (integrated development environment) that supports Lua syntax highlighting. You can use any editor you like, but some popular ones are .

  • A basic knowledge of Lua programming. If you are new to Lua, you can learn it from various resources online, such as .

Downloading LÖVE

The process of downloading LÖVE depends on your operating system. Here are the steps for each platform:


You can download LÖVE for Windows from the . You have two options:

  • You can download the installer (.exe) file and run it to install LÖVE on your system.

  • You can download the zipped (.zip) file and extract it to any folder you want. This way, you don't need to install LÖVE.


You can download LÖVE for macOS from the . You will get a zipped (.zip) file that contains the LÖVE application (.app) file. You can extract it and move it to your Applications folder or any other location you prefer.


You can download LÖVE for Linux from the . You will get a tarball (.tar.gz) file that contains the LÖVE binary and libraries. You can extract it and run it from any folder you want. Alternatively, you can use your package manager to install LÖVE from your distribution's repositories. For example, on Ubuntu, you can run the following command in the terminal:

sudo apt install love

Android and iOS

You can download LÖVE for Android and iOS from the .

Running LÖVE Games

Once you have downloaded and installed LÖVE, you can start making and playing games with it. A LÖVE game is essentially a folder or a file that contains the Lua code and the assets (such as images, sounds, fonts, etc.) that make up the game. There are different ways to run a LÖVE game depending on your platform and preference:

How to download love2d game engine

Download love2d for Windows 10

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Download love2d physics and collision detection

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Download love2d joystick and gamepad support

Love2d download keyboard and mouse input

Download love2d touch and gesture support

Love2d download network and multiplayer support

Download love2d file system and data storage

Love2d download debugging and testing tools

Download love2d distribution and packaging tools

Love2d download license and terms of use

Download love2d community and forums

Love2d download discord server and irc channel

Download love2d twitter and facebook page

Love2d download youtube and twitch channel

Download love2d reddit and wiki page

Love2d download blog and news updates

Download love2d donation and support page

From a folder

You can run a LÖVE game from a folder by dragging and dropping the folder onto the LÖVE application icon. Alternatively, you can use the command line to navigate to the folder and run the following command:

love .

From a .love file

A .love file is a zipped archive that contains all the files of a LÖVE game. You can create a .love file by compressing the game folder and renaming the extension to .love. You can run a .love file by double-clicking on it or by dragging and dropping it onto the LÖVE application icon. Alternatively, you can use the command line to run the following command:


where is the name of your .love file.

From the command line

You can also run a LÖVE game from the command line by passing the path of the game folder or the .love file as an argument to the love executable. For example:

love /path/to/game/folder

love /path/to/game/

From an editor or IDE

If you are using an editor or an IDE that supports Lua and LÖVE, you can run a LÖVE game from within it by using a shortcut or a plugin. For example, if you are using Sublime Text, you can install , a plugin that adds LÖVE support to Sublime Text. Then, you can press Ctrl+B (or Cmd+B on Mac) to run your game.

Learning LÖVE

If you want to learn more about how to use LÖVE and make your own games with it, there are plenty of resources available online. Here are some of them:

Documentation and Wiki

The official , such as guides, tips, tricks, FAQs, and more.

Tutorials and Examples

If you prefer to learn by doing, you can follow some tutorials and examples that show you how to make various kinds of games with LÖVE. Some of them are:

  • : A book that teaches you how to make games with LÖVE from scratch.

  • : A collection of tutorials that show you how to make simple games with LÖVE.

  • : A series of blog posts that explain various aspects of LÖVE and game development.

  • : A list of tutorials that cover different topics and genres of LÖVE games.

  • : A list of examples that demonstrate how to use various features and modules of LÖVE.

Community and Support

If you need help or want to share your work with other LÖVE users, you can join the LÖVE community and get support from them. Some of the places where you can find the LÖVE community are:

  • : The official forums where you can ask questions, get feedback, showcase your games, and more.

  • : The official Discord server where you can chat with other LÖVE users, get help, share your projects, and more.

  • : The unofficial subreddit where you can post and discuss anything related to LÖVE.

  • : The official hashtag on Twitter where you can follow and tweet about LÖVE.


LÖVE is a great game engine for making 2D games in Lua. It is free, open-source, cross-platform, simple, powerful, and fun. You can download and use LÖVE easily, run your games in different ways, and learn from various resources online. You can also join the LÖVE community and get support from them. If you are interested in making 2D games with LÖVE, we hope this article has helped you get started. Happy coding!


Here are some frequently asked questions about LÖVE:

Q: What does LÖVE stand for?

A: LÖVE does not stand for anything. It is just a name that the developers chose because they liked it. However, some people like to make up acronyms for it, such as "Lua Object-Oriented Video Engine" or "Ludicrously Overpowered Voodoo Engine".

Q: What kind of games can I make with LÖVE?

A: You can make any kind of 2D games with LÖVE, as long as they fit within the limitations of the engine and the platform. You can find many examples of games made with LÖVE on the .

Q: How do I distribute my games made with LÖVE?

A: You can distribute your games made with LÖVE in different ways depending on your target platform. For desktop platforms, you can package your game folder or .love file with the LÖVE executable and libraries using tools such as .

Q: How do I monetize my games made with LÖVE?

A: You can monetize your games made with LÖVE in different ways depending on your preference and platform. For example, you can sell your games on platforms such as .

Q: Where can I find more information about LÖVE?

A: You can find more information about LÖVE on the following sources:

The official , where you can download the engine, read the documentation, brows

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