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Download Conquest Paradise Riddim MP3: Damage Musiq Presents the Hottest Dancehall Stars

Conquest Paradise Riddim: A Reggae Masterpiece

If you are a fan of reggae music, you have probably heard of Conquest Paradise Riddim. This is one of the most popular and influential riddims in the history of reggae music. It features some of the best artists and songs in the genre, and it has a unique sound and vibe that captivates listeners. In this article, we will explore what Conquest Paradise Riddim is, why it is so popular and influential, and how you can download it for free.

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What is Conquest Paradise Riddim?

A riddim is a musical pattern or rhythm that forms the basis of a song or a genre. It usually consists of a drum beat, a bass line, and some other instruments or sounds. A riddim can be reused by different artists and producers to create different songs with different lyrics and melodies. This is a common practice in reggae music, where riddims are often named after the first song that used them or the producer who created them.

Conquest Paradise Riddim is a riddim that was produced by Damage Musiq in 2019. It is named after the movie "1492: Conquest of Paradise", which features a soundtrack composed by Vangelis. The riddim samples the main theme of the movie, which is a majestic and epic orchestral piece. The riddim also adds some reggae elements, such as drums, bass, guitar, keyboard, horns, and effects. The result is a riddim that blends classical music with reggae music, creating a powerful and uplifting sound.

The history and origin of Conquest Paradise Riddim

The producer behind Conquest Paradise Riddim is Damage Musiq, a Jamaican music label that was founded in 2014 by Dwayne Parkinson. Damage Musiq specializes in producing dancehall and reggae music, and has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, such as Vybz Kartel, Tommy Lee Sparta, Shatta Wale, Masicka, Chronic Law, Shane O, and more.

Damage Musiq was inspired by the movie "1492: Conquest of Paradise" to create a riddim that would reflect the theme of conquering challenges and achieving success. He decided to sample the main theme of the movie, which was composed by Vangelis, a Greek musician who is known for his electronic and orchestral music. Vangelis composed the soundtrack for the movie in 1992, using synthesizers, keyboards, choirs, drums, percussion, ethnic instruments, and sound effects. The soundtrack was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Original Score.

Damage Musiq added his own touch to the sample, adding some reggae elements to give it a more Jamaican flavor. He also added some voice samples from the movie, such as "This is paradise" and "We have come to conquer". He then distributed the riddim to various artists who recorded their own songs over it. The riddim was released in February 2019 as a compilation album featuring 11 songs by different artists.

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The features and characteristics of Conquest Paradise RiddimConquest Paradise Riddim has some distinctive features and characteristics that make it stand out from other riddims. Some of these are:

  • The riddim has a tempo of 90 beats per minute, which is slower than most dancehall and reggae riddims. This gives the riddim a more relaxed and laid-back feel, while still maintaining a groove and a bounce.

  • The riddim has a key of C minor, which is a minor scale that is often associated with sadness, melancholy, or seriousness. This contrasts with the major scale, which is often associated with happiness, joy, or optimism. The riddim uses this key to create a mood of reflection, introspection, or determination.

  • The riddim has a structure of four bars, which is repeated throughout the song. Each bar has four beats, and each beat has four subdivisions. The riddim uses different instruments and sounds to create variations and changes within the structure. For example, the first bar has a drum beat, the second bar has a bass line, the third bar has a guitar riff, and the fourth bar has a horn section.

  • The riddim has a sample of the main theme of the movie "1492: Conquest of Paradise", which is played at the beginning and the end of each song. The sample is a majestic and epic orchestral piece that creates a contrast with the reggae elements. The sample also adds a cinematic and dramatic quality to the riddim, as well as a sense of history and culture.

The artists and songs of Conquest Paradise Riddim

Conquest Paradise Riddim features some of the best artists and songs in the reggae scene. Some of these are:




Tommy Lee Sparta


The artist expresses his gratitude for his life and his achievements, and asks for more blessings from God.

Shane O

Hold On

The artist encourages himself and others to hold on to their dreams and goals, despite the challenges and obstacles they face.

Singa J


The artist declares his greatness and his ambition to conquer the world with his music and his talent.

Rygin King


The artist reminisces about his childhood and his journey to success, and pays tribute to his mother who supported him.



The artist warns his enemies and rivals that he is a hazard and a threat to them, and that he will not back down from any confrontation.

Some of the other artists and songs that are featured on Conquest Paradise Riddim are:

Chronic Law

Bless Me

The artist asks for God's blessing and protection, and praises his loyal friends and fans.

Shatta Wale


The artist sings about his love for a girl who is like an island, and invites her to join him on his paradise.

Jah Vinci

Heart Too Clean

The artist claims that his heart is too clean and pure, and that he does not harbor any hatred or envy towards anyone.


Only God Can Tell

The artist reflects on his life and his struggles, and acknowledges that only God can tell what the future holds.


From Birth

The artist boasts about his skills and his success, and says that he has been destined for greatness from birth.

Why is Conquest Paradise Riddim so popular and influential?

Conquest Paradise Riddim is one of the most popular and influential riddims in the reggae scene. It has received a lot of praise and recognition from critics and fans alike. Some of the reasons why Conquest Paradise Riddim is so popular and influential are:

The impact and legacy of Conquest Paradise Riddim on reggae music and cultureConquest Paradise Riddim has had a significant impact and legacy on reggae music and culture. It has introduced a new sound and style to the genre, blending classical music with reggae music. It has also inspired other producers and artists to experiment with different samples and genres, creating more diversity and innovation in the reggae scene. Conquest Paradise Riddim has also showcased some of the best talents and voices in the reggae industry, giving them a platform to express their messages and stories. Conquest Paradise Riddim has also contributed to the promotion and preservation of reggae music and culture, spreading its positive vibes and values to a wider audience.

The reviews and ratings of Conquest Paradise Riddim by critics and fansConquest Paradise Riddim has received rave reviews and ratings from critics and fans. It has been praised for its originality, creativity, quality, and diversity. It has also been commended for its uplifting, motivational, and inspirational themes. Some of the reviews and ratings of Conquest Paradise Riddim are:

  • "Conquest Paradise Riddim is a masterpiece of reggae music. It is a perfect blend of classical music and reggae music, creating a powerful and majestic sound. The riddim features some of the best artists in the reggae scene, who deliver amazing performances. The riddim is also full of positive messages that inspire listeners to overcome challenges and achieve their goals. Conquest Paradise Riddim is a must-listen for any reggae lover." -

"Conquest Paradise Riddim is one of the best riddims of 2019. It is a unique and innovative riddim that mixes classical music with reggae music, creating a stunning contrast. The riddim showcases some of the finest talents in the reggae industry, who bring their own flavor and style to the riddim. The riddim is also rich in content, covering various topics suc

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